Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Date Night

Both of my parents are at work with me today. My mom works with me but I am not sure why my dad is here. I think he was helping someone move things in our building. I guess before my dad came over here, he went to the Blood Bank to give blood. He was showing me and my mom the prizes he could get if he gave blood 3 more times. All of this reminded me of my dad's favorite Friday night, date night. I think I was about 9 and my sister was about 2. We would all go to pick my dad up from work, he liked leaving his truck there over the weekend. To me it seems like ever Friday but it was probably more like ever 2 months, he would suggest we would go to the blood bank. My sister and I loved this because it meant we would get to eat all you could eat donuts while my dad was giving blood. My mom hated going to the blood bank. She coined it "The Slob Family Goes to the Blood Bank". My sister was filthy, and my mom was sloppy because she was not expecting to go anywhere other than home. My sis and I, especially my sis, would run around like half starved children, eating as much treats and junk as we could. What a joyous time!! We loved it and today I still reminisce about going to the Blood Bank.

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