Monday, July 20, 2009

My new favorite outing...

One of my new favorite things to do is take the pups to dog beach. My DH and I have really enjoyed doing this the last 3 weeks and so have the dogs. We get up really early, I know we are crazy but we like to get a jump start on our day and get a parking spot at the beach. We have met my parents, who bring their dogs and once my aunt came with her puppy. Peanut hates the wet sand and water, so she usually walks along on the dry sand but has been very good and follows us along. Kona loves to run and run and run. He could give a care less about the balls and toys, he just wants to chase all the other dogs. The first time we went, he was not too sure about the water but then followed another dog in and now he loves getting wet. This past Sunday, he seemed to be going in just to get wet and cool off. This week there were not very many dogs interested in playing chase. I felt a little bad for Kona because this is what he loves most. My parent's dogs are a bit shy and timid but they took to the beach right away. We thought they may not enjoy it but you can tell they are having fun by their big smiles and wiggly butts.

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