Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am a little sad today....

First off, my mom left for Colorado today. She is visiting her sister for a week. :(

Second, my favorite bakery was closed. Double :(

Whenever I have to take someone to the airport, I leave a few minutes early so I can stop by Con Pane, a really delicious bakery, which is a few miles from the airport in San Diego. They have a really funky schedule but I always think that they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. Well, I pick up my mom and we head down to this bakery. I was actually debating between going to Con Pane or a place closer to my mom's called The Living Room. I should have gone to the Living Room. Con Pane was closed!!! :( They are closed on Wed. What the.....!!!! I was so disappointed. I was looking forward to a cup of their Butterscotch Latte and a nice, chewy ciabatta roll with boysenberry jam. OHHHH!!! We ended up at Panera Bread but their coffee is not a Butterscotch Latte. Next time I will stick to my gut and just go to the place closer to my mom's. They are open 7 days a week, 6am to Midnight. now those are some good hours.

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